TitleBoots Pharmaceuticals
DescriptionThis collection comprises the records of Boots Pharmaceuticals. The catalogue is in the process of being updated and additional entries for this series are anticipated.
Administrative HistoryIn 1991 Boots established a new company structure. The former Pharmaceuticals Division was reorganised into three new businesses Boots Contract Manufacturing, Boots Healthcare International and Boots Pharmaceuticals.

Boots Pharmaceuticals was a research-based prescription pharmaceutical business engaged n the discovery, development, manufacture and marketing of prescription medicines for sale throughout the world. There were 12 countries with Boots Pharmaceuticals operating subsidiaries, mainly in North America, Europe and the Indian sub-continent. Major global brands include Brufen and Froben (anti-inflammatory/analgesic), Prothiaden (anti-depressant), Chymodiactin (chemonucleolysis). Significant local brands include Synthroid (dominant in the synthetic thyroid replacement market in the USA) and Insulin in India.
Research and development activities were undertaken in the UK., USA and 8 other countries. Drug discovery research is focused on two major therapeutic areas: mental illness (anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, anti-epileptics) and musculo-skeletal (anti-rheumatics, anti-inflammatories, and immuno-modulants)
Included within the business was Boots Chemicals which marketing a range of biocides under the brand name 'Microcheck' and consumer healthcare brands were also marketed through operating subsidiaries in India, Pakistan and Canada.
By November 1994, Boots Pharmaceuticals employed 5750 staff worldwide, 1600 in the UK, 1100 in Europe, 2150 in the Indian sub-continent and 900 in North America.
In November 1994 Boots announced that it would dispose of Boots Pharmaceuticals and that negotiations had commenced with BASF, a major international chemical and pharmaceutical company, for a sale price of around £850m. The sale went through at the end of March 1995
The terms of the agreement included Boots Healthcare International regaining control of Strepsils and over over-the-counter products in India, Pakistan and Canada (Sweetex, Optrex), while Knoll (the pharmaceutical business of BASF) takes control of Brufen and other prescription products in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.
In 1999, BASF announced the phased closure of its manufacturing factility on Nottingham's Boots Beeston Site, where 230 employees were employed.
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