Archival term for the position of the unit of description in the hierarchy of the fond. Each level is described as follows:

fond level

The whole of a collection, organically created and/or accumulated and used by a particular person, family or corporate body in the course of that creator's activities and functions. This is the highest level of description (e.g. the Walgreens Boots Alliance collection).

Sub-fond level

A subdivision of a fond containing a body of related documents concerning administrative subdivisions of the main body (e.g. Boots UK).

Sub-sub-fond level

A subdivision of a sub-fond containing a body of related documents concerning administrative subdivisions (e.g. Timothy Whites and Taylors Ltd).

Sub-sub-sub-fond level

A subdivision of a sub-sub-fond containing a body of related documents concerning administrative subdivisions (e.g. Taylors Cash Chemists Ltd).


The administrative organisational area responsible for creating the records.

Series level

A series of records within a collection where documents have been arranged in accordance with a filing system or maintained as a unit because they result from the same accumulation or filing process, or the same activity; have a particular format, or because of some other relationship arising out of their creation or use. (e.g. Annual Accounts).

File level

The basic level of a group of related records within the series (e.g. advertising guard book).

Item/Piece level

The smallest intellectually indivisible archival unit within the series (e.g. a single advertisement within a guard book).

Ref No

This is our unique reference to a document or group of documents. It will consist of a string of capitalised text, usually with numbers. Subdivisions of the reference will be indicated by a "/" in the string. The reference is the key piece of information you need to give us to obtain a copy of a document or see the document at the Archive Centre.

Alt Ref No

Some of the documents and files in the collection have old reference numbers which are no longer used as a finding number. All old numbers have been recorded in the Alternative Reference Number (Alt Ref No) field and you can use the Advanced search page to look up the up-to-date reference number.


This field provides information about the quantity of material which is being described (e.g. 2 boxes, 1 volume).

Business catalogue abbreviations

AA - Alliance Apotek

AB - Alliance Boots

AC - Alcura

AD - Alliance Healthcare Deutschland

AE - Alliance Healthcare Espana

AF - Alliance Healthcare France

AG - UCP (Egypt)

AH - Alliance Healthcare

AI - Alliance Healthcare Italia

AK - Alliance Apotheek

AM - Armilia UAB

AN - Alliance Healthcare Netherlands

AO - Alloga

AP - Alphega Pharmacy

AR - Alliance Healthcare Russia

AS - A G Stanley

AT - Aitchison & Co

AW - Alliance Healthcare Norge

AU - The Boots Company (Australia Ltd)

AUC - Alliance UniChem Plc

AUK - Alliance Healthcare UK

AY - Alliance Pharmacy

AZ - Alliance Healthcare Czech Republic

BB - The Boots Company (Belgium) SA

BC - Boots Charitable Trust

BD - Boots Drug Stores (Holdings) Ltd

BE - Boots Cash Chemists Eastern Ltd

BF - Boots Farm Sales Ltd

BG - R.O. Boots-Galenika

BH - Boots Healthcare International Ltd

BI - Boots International

BL - Boots The Chemists (Lancashire) Ltd

BLI - Boots Laboratories Inc.

BM - Boots Contract Manufacturing

BMC - Boots Mitsubishi Corporation

BN - Boots Cash Chemists Northern Ltd

BO - Boots Opticians

BP - Boots Pharmaceuticals

BPC - Boots Pure Drug Company [Subsidiary]

BPF - Boots Pharma France

BS - Boots Cash Chemists Southern Ltd

BSN - Boots Store Netherlands BV

BTC - Boots The Chemist Ltd [Subsidiary]

BT - Boots UK

BTH - Boots Thailand

BU - Boots Insurance Services Ltd

BV - The Boots Company (Holland) B.V.

BW - Boots Cash Chemists Western Ltd

CC - Clement Clark Holdings Plc

CE - Boots-Celtech Diagnostics Ltd

CH - Crookes Healthcare Ltd (BHI)

CL - Crookes Laboratories Ltd (BHI)

CP - Curry and Paxton Ltd

CPD - Crookes Products Ltd

CW - Childrens World Ltd

DA - Dollond & Aitchison

DC - Dollond & Co

EM - E Moss Ltd

FB - Farmacias Benevides


FE - The Boots Company (Far East) Pte. Ltd.

FEX - Farmexpert

FM - Boots-Formenti S.p.A

FP - Farley Health Products Ltd

GB - Global Brands

HF - Hedef Alliance

HL - Halfords

HM - Homestyle

HN - Hanwell Optical Company Ltd

HY - Beaute, Hygiene et Soins SA

ID - The Boots Company (India) Ltd

IN - Inmans Drug Stores Ltd

IR - Boots Ireland

JBST - Jesse Boot Social Trust

KA - Kanoldt Arzneimittel GmBH

KN - The Boots Company (Kenya) Ltd

LB - Laboratories Boots - Dacour SA

LBL - Laboratoires Lutsia SA

LBP - Laboratoires Boots Pharma

LE - Liz Earl

LL - Laboratories Liade S.A.

MS - Miller and Santhouse Plc

NI -The Boots Company (Nigeria) Ltd.

NZ - Boots The Chemists (New Zealand) Ltd.

OM - Optrex (Malaya) Sdn. Bhd.

OO - Optrex Overseas Ltd

OT - Optrex Ltd

PD - Payless DIY

PH - The Boots Company (Philippines) Inc.

PK - The Boots Company (Pakistan) Ltd

PP - Personal papers

PR - Boots Puerto Rico Inc

PS - Preservative Systems Ltd.

PU - Boots Pharmaceuticals Inc

SA - The Boots Company (South Africa) (Pty.)

SG - Soap and Glory

SL - Sleek

SN - Alliance Sante

TC - Taylors Cash Chemists Ltd

TRC - The Therapeutic Research Corporation of Great Britain

TCC - The Therapeutic Research Corporation of Great Britain

TD - Taylors Drug Company Limited

TH - Theodore Hamblin Ltd

TL - Taylors Cash Chemists London Ltd

TM - Taylors Cash Chemists Midlands Ltd

TN - Technochemie GmBH

TT - Taylors Cash Chemists Trust Ltd

TW- Timothy Whites and Taylors Ltd

TWW - Timothy Whites and Wholesale Ltd

UC - Unichem

UD - Underwoods Plc

UDC - United Drug Company

UF - Alliance UniChem Farmaceutica S.A

US - The Boots Company (USA) Inc

WBA - Walgreens Boots Alliance

WG - Walgreens

WHF - Walgreen Drug Stores Historical Foundation

WW - Ward White Group Plc

WP - Whites Property Co. Ltd

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