TitleThe Therapeutic Research Corporation of Great Britain Ltd Papers
DescriptionThe majority of the files were accumulated by the offices of Dr W F Short and Dr D A Peak of the Boots Pure Drug Company. Both of whom were employed as researchers by the TRC. The papers comprise TRC Board documents including meeting minutes and memoranda; Financial records; information about staffing and research programmes of the Research Department; correspondence including that from the TRC Chairman and Secretary to member-companies, research workers, chemical suppliers and others; meeting minutes; and scientific reports.
Extent57 files: 8 boxes
Administrative HistoryThe Therapeutic Research Corporation of Great Britain, Limited (TRC) was incorporated on 12 November, 1941 and formed a limited group of leading fine chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers. At its incorporation TRC comprised five member-companies with directors from each including Jesse Boot, of Boots Pure Drug Company, Ltd., Mr. C. A. Hill, of the British Drug Houses, Ltd., Mr. H. Jephcott, of Glaxo Laboratories, Ltd., Mr. T. B. Maxwell, of May and Baker, Ltd., and Mr. T. R. G. Bennett, of the Wellcome Foundation, Ltd. The TRC was a solution to the pharmaceutical’s perceived problem of under-investment in research capacity. It succeeded in changing the competitive character of innovation in pharmaceuticals, and an attitude toward increasing shared strategies in the industry by coordinating research.

The fundamental purpose of TRC, as described in the 1941 Memorandum, was 'the integration and ultimate development of large-scale research', by pooling research and manufacturing industries, and making available the mechanism to present resulting work to Government departments, and medical professionals. A key area of research concerned the industrial production of penicillin during World War Two.

The TRC went on to fund a number of research groups at various academic institutions in the UK, bringing together academic scientific researchers from the university sector and research scientists from private industry. Collaboration was later extended to include The Imperial Chemical (Pharmaceuticals) Ltd and some USA companies, including Pfizer and Merck with an interchange of information from 1942 onwards. The success of the TRC was announced in a press release in 1945 ‘Of the total quantity of penicillin manufactured in Great Britain during 1944, so 90 per cent was manufactured in the plants operated by member-companies… using processes resulting from collaborative research carried out through the corporation’.
DS/UK/9Boot; Lord; Jesse (1850-1931); 1st Baron Trent1850-1931
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